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Playing the Game: J.D. Power and Utilities

Customer satisfaction is a nebulous concept. And it’s particularly challenging for a sector that doesn’t exactly “feel the love” from consumers. According to an August 2013 Gallup poll, Americans rank the electric and gas utilities industry in the bottom tier of all industries, with an overall net sentiment score of -1, with 39% rating the […]

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What’s in it? Business customers care more than you might think.

While few companies have stated initiatives directly addressing the issue, B2B decision makers share the same concerns about chemical content as consumers, overall. This is the first of two articles featuring important findings from Shelton’s newly released B2B Pulse study. In survey design, we strive to avoid scare language. Words like “toxins” or “toxic” trigger […]

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Giving Tuesday and holiday gifts with meaning

It’s that time of year again, and I find myself in the midst of my annual “First World” challenge. Finding perfect gifts that are sure to surprise and delight is not easy when friends and family members already have more than they need. And I’ve become increasingly guilt-ridden about adding to the volume of “stuff” […]

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Are you de-railing your sustainability story?

This week, I was checking out at my neighborhood pharmacy (part of a national chain) and shoved the twelve-inch receipt into my purse with the usual irritation. Don’t get me wrong, I am all about discounts. I reviewed the receipt later and tore off a coupon for future use. But I threw three-quarters of the […]

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We are not as awesome as we think we are.

Thanks to low natural gas prices and mild temperatures over the last couple of years, many of us think our homes are “just fine.” In fact, home energy expenditures as a percentage of household income fell to 2.7% in 2012 ‒ the lowest percentage seen in 10 years.1 Our new 2013 Energy Pulse study shows […]

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Energy efficiency isn’t Ginger

I had a moment of crystal clarity in a focus group I was facilitating last night. A participant ruefully said, “Getting an energy audit is like getting a colonoscopy.” I almost fell out of my chair, because we’ve been calling energy audits “the colonoscopy of energy efficiency” for years. People don’t like to make energy-efficient […]

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Why you can’t fight fear with facts

The field of environmental sustainability is fraught with emotional issues: climate change, water shortages, population growth, food purity, animal extinction … the list goes on and on. These complex issues are intricately entwined with national economics, social mores, political and religious beliefs and fear. Clients are always asking us to develop “education” campaigns to change […]

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Don’t put those green products in a separate aisle

Most people simply never visit the “green ghetto” in grocery stores. Two keys to selling green products is to make the purchase experience affordable and convenient. So why would anyone go out of their way to make that green buying experience inconvenient? Turns out that’s exactly what we’ve done by creating those “green product” specialty sections […]

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