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The simple truth about label claims

Back in October, the FTC issued a press release announcing six new enforcement actions related to the revised Green Guides. All six had to do with what were deemed “deceptive biodegradable plastics claims.” But since the revised Green Guides still don’t address claims such as “all natural,” there hasn’t been much regulatory action on green […]

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Connecting with Hispanic green values

At this point, we really can’t say this enough: If you’re not telling your sustainability story, you’re falling behind with American consumers, and especially with the fastest growing segment – Hispanics. Both our research and the NRDC’s most recent study on Hispanics and climate change support the idea that Hispanics’ environmental concerns, particularly regarding climate […]

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Don’t forget us renters!

Spring’s finally arrived, and I’m looking forward to giving the heat pump a rest. As a renter, I know the feeling of helplessness you get when the home you don’t own is wasting your money – particularly during a winter as bad as the one we’ve just had. From another angle, I also know the […]

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Let’s make a deal: Tesla and the traditional sales model

The state of New Jersey recently decided Tesla cannot sell their electric vehicles unless they set up a traditional dealership. New Jersey is now the fifth state limiting Tesla sales in this manner, joining Arizona, Texas, Maryland and Virginia. These states have either enacted legislation or are considering reaffirming existing legislation limiting car sales through […]

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Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

I recently read about two proposed large-scale solar projects in the desert that are being opposed by environmentalists. The arrays would be built on federal land in the Ivanpah Valley near the Nevada-California border, but some environmental groups argue they could negatively affect the already endangered desert tortoise. Another nearby solar plant has its own […]

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